Apologies for the delay – new hardware settling in.  Now properly up & running so hopefully all will run smoothly.

Just  reminder about the 5 shots for absence & how it is recorded.  In order not to advantage / disadvantage teams in the league as a whole, the 5 shot penalty  appears on the score spreadsheet as a green number for the team which gained the 5 shots and red for the team that donated the 5.  The effect of the penalty is reflected in the points table.  That’s why if you look at 3v4 in the scores table it was 9(red)-4(green) but team 4 get the 2 points.  Hope that’s clear enough.

Just in case anyone is still reading this – just another appeal for people to record their subs clearly so I am not constantly looking for the up to date card.  If you could record a ‘proper’ sub with a clear ‘R’ and an ‘improper’ (ie filched from another team) sub as ‘R2’ it would make life easier and the skips are less likely to get inflated bills for their sub fees!

So – after that lengthy preamble – here it is